This page is for any resource that is related to Queer/non Queer Education, Sex Positivity, Safer Sex, and Queer/Cis/Trans* Health

I am by no means the ultimate trove of resources. I will attempt to provide useful info for anything that I think is relevant. With that being said, if there is a resource, or resource category that you would like added fill out the Resources Form and I will add it!

LGBTQ Organizations

  • Stop the Silence, End the Violence: We are established on WKU campus to provide an option for students to volunteer while fighting against violence, our main weapon- our voices!  We’re tired of being silent on the subject of violence!  Together, we are bringing awareness to violence that evolves from racism, sexism, homo-intolerance, and animal cruelty. While doing this, we are also raising awareness for local and country-wide non-profit organizations that help support our cause while helping give back to these organizations as well through fund-raisers, informational events, etc.
  • The Visible Male Project: The mission of this project is to change the LGBTQ and world’s outlook on the FTM community. This project will aid in creating a positive image of the FTM community by encouraging men to become an active element in the world. By doing so we will create a tradition and standard for future generations to follow.


  • The Counterpublic Collective: Counterpublic NYC is a virtual workgroup of global queer communities that exists in a potential space, currently in NYC. Our workgroups act as a forum to re-imagine the production of knowledge into an emergence of social agency; we accomplish this task by exploring academic works in the context of current social problems and those organizations that strive to create change. Please contact us for support on how you can actualize Counterpublic in your hometown.
  • Faces without Places: FACES without PLACES generates awareness and funds to keep children and youth experiencing homelessness connected to their education.

Safer Sex/Sex Positive

  • Poly Productions: Poly Patao Productions is dedicated to producing sex-positive workshops, performance pieces, play parties, panel discussions, teach-ins, social/political groups and educational opportunities that are specially geared toward queer women, transgender, multi-gender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and gender variant folx of color.


  • Free Health Clinics: There are lots of free health clinics across the country. Find one and stay healthy.

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